What do we provide?

Activating people

The main goal is to activate inactive people. We do this through accessible exercises that you can perform whenever and wherever you want. Follow-up is an important element in this story. You need to remind the user to keep moving regularly to get the best results.

In the simplest form, this is done by means of notifications on the days that the user has indicated at the beginning of each program.

Once a program is completed, the user is advised to make the following choice regarding program intensity and duration. Here, the app takes into account the performance of the previous program.

Offline use

It is important that you can perform the exercises whenever and wherever you want, that is why the programs are automatically downloaded on the device. This ensures that you can access your program without an internet connection. The combination of offline use and exercises without special equipment ensure that you can perfectly use the app anywhere!



Creating a community motivates the user to start exercising, but especially to continue exercising. Users can visit the community page to view the company's statistics, and compare his performance with the average of his colleagues.

Image by Perry Grone


Here we come back to the gamification elements. Each profile starts with bronze as a rank and according to the user's performance, he can get promoted to silver, gold, etc. This adds to the average shown on the company's community page.

Individually, the users have a chance at rewards, the one who completes multiple programs 100%, of course, has the best chance! Through this system we give both beginners and experienced athletes a chance at the rewards.


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